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workshops for
understanding Soul through myth, fairytales and dreamwork


with Atula, David Findlay, Mandarava Butlin and Nagasiddhi

The purpose of soul is to learn and to love

An in depth series of workshops to experience soul and healing through myth, poetry and fairy tale held in Bethnal green, East London

Without soul there would be no life, no love, no wisdom, no poetry, no myths or stories, nothing to learn and nothing to transform. Soul is a fragment of the divine, our companion through life, there to help us overcome the difficulties it creates for us and in overcoming them to crown us with glory.

In this series of six weekend workshops we will be exploring the reality of soul by using myths, fairytales and poetry to create context and group sharing and interaction to reveal the soul in action. Through this we will gradually build a trust in the presence of soul as a personal guide through life and also as a bridge to both the divine and to one another.

Once again we will be joined by Mandarava, an artist and puppet maker who brings the fairy tales to life with enactments and ceremony. The combination of fairy tales, puppets, poetry and deep interpersonal sharing makes this workshop unique.

In all our workshops we endeavour to place soul at the centre of self and at the centre of relationship, for this reason we offer no formal assessments or certificates. Participants are encouraged find their authority through turning inward to their own essential light and allowing it to gradually become a source of guidance and peace.

Participants who need evidence for Continuing Professional Development will be given a letter of attendance.

2019 Dates:
Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday in London:

11-12-13 January 2019
8-9-10 February 2019
8-9-10 March 2019
5-6-7 April 2019
3-4-5 May 2019
31 May and 01-02 June 2019- Residential

Residential weekend – The Rivendell Centre, Chillies Lane,
High Hurstwood, East Sussex, TN22 4AB.

Applications for the River of Soul series are open to anyone who has attended an introductory workshop or a previous workshop run by Atula, David or Mandarava.

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The course (held in London) is suitable for therapists, artists, poets, and anyone interested in:

  • Opening to Soul
  • Archetypal psychology
  • Dreamwork
  • Group interaction
  • Poetry and Puppets
  • Fairy tales and mythology

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