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What our participants have said about us

"The exploration of fairy stories and dreams really worked for me in term of connecting more deeply to my creativity and the mythic world. The course was both brilliantly structured, and intuitively and sensitively led which created a very supportive space for us to share ourselves and learn from each other. Would I recommend? Already have been. "

"I would highly recommend this course, I learnt alot about myself and my relationship to others. It is quite amazing how much group processes can deepen your insight and awareness! Atula and David make a great team providing a rich and visionary approach. I can't wait for next year to start! "

"I attended this course in 2013 and found it to be moving and insightful experience. I appreciated the depth of communication within the group and how myths can communicate a deeper understanding of ourselves and other. I also came to understand their capacity to heal and how they can open the human heart. I came away with a deeper appreciation of my self, my history, the stories I tell myself and those that I choose not to hear. It's a work in process and something around learning to appreciate that life is a mystery that needs to loved and lived rather that resolved and understood."

"Richard and David use folk tales and myths as the vessel for individual transformation within group communication. Recognising, navigating and empathising with the age old dilemmas and suffering the of the archetypal characters' experiences gave a rich and deep voyage beyond the horizons of one's usual awareness.

"Sometimes what we bring make the waters dark and choppy, night sea journeys are occasionally required. No-one drowns, the crew are experienced and able, the journey is well worth it."

"The course had a profound effect on me. I can't exactly put it into words, but I can say that I feel much better. I feel more real and much less scared. I feel there is so much opportunity in the world, and for once I feel I can take part in it. I am grateful to both of you. I think you are both really good at what you do. Thank you!"

"I have participated in the River of Soul series twice. Skilful and inspiring facilitation (the best I have experienced) and puppets brought to life, dreams and stories all make for powerful magic. Both the groups left me feeling progressively more open hearted and able to meet my owe experience with kindness. My connection with others has deepened both in and outside of the group as a result."

"I found the River of Soul to be a challenging but deeply affirming, satisfying and liberating experience. David and Atula created a very supportive space in which the members of the group learned increasingly to trust one another with uncomfortable psychological material. I found they were also able to respond in a startlingly intuitive way that brought new perspectives or helped to bring healing. It was deeply touching to listen to other members of the group share their experience, which so often resonated with my own, and conversely when I brought my own challenges into the group, I found that I was not speaking only about myself, but touching on something about the human condition that everyone else could relate to. The response of the group to what I shared enabled me to change my own relationship to parts of myself in a more decisive way than I had previously experienced. By the end of the series of workshops I was delighted and shocked at how new dimensions had started to open up within my psyche, albeit with plenty of consolidation and further work needed, and moved by the strong bonds that had built up within the group. With deep thanks to David, Atula and everyone else who participated in this course."

"I'd like to say how much I appreciated the River of Soul. i felt bereft as we were leaving. It's been an amazing experience. I feel so deeply connected to the group and in myself. It gives me hope that this depth of connection, sharing and tenderness is possible in other situations and with other people. Thank you both so much. what you do is invaluable."

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